Lee Gardner is an award-winning freelance editor based in the Los Angeles area.  He has edited countless commercials, memorable title sequences, music videos, and almost every format under the sun.  Lee's musical background and knack for blending graphic design with editorial storytelling make him a vital asset in today’s fast-paced content-driven world.  


Deftly maneuvering through the ever-changing editorial landscape, Lee has worked with rooms full of agency and production clients, edited cross-country with New York via video conference; cutting on airplanes, as well as in the passenger seat of his own car.  His technical chops allow setting up to work almost anywhere, often during the "final" sound mix.


His clients include Psyop, The Mill, Tool, Digital Kitchen, Mirada, Logan, and Mekanism.  His commercial and broadcast work includes projects for Apple, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Target, Showtime, and HBO.  His range spans the realms of documentary, title sequences, and feature film editing.  His work on the title sequence for Showtime's Shameless garnered an Emmy nomination.


Some notable random testimonials:
“You are one of my favorite cutters”
- Unsolicited e-mail
“Whoever edited this spot is an amazing editor”
- Unacquainted commercial telecine artist
“This is the best work we’ve ever done”
- Creative director at non-random big name branding agency